Parrish Healthcare & Titus Landing

By Carl Kotala

Like great movie stars who team up to create blockbuster hit after blockbuster hit, RUSH Construction, Inc. and Parrish Medical Center are working together again on a project that is sure to have a big impact on the city of Titusville and the northern Brevard County community.

The Parrish Healthcare Center at Titus Landing is set to open in 2017 and will be an integral part of the city’s new retail and medical complex built on the site of the old Miracle City Mall. “There’s no question, looking at the overall project, that this is one of the cornerstone pieces of the Titus Landing project,” RUSH president William Chivers said. “It’s going to sit on top of the old Morrison’s Cafeteria site. It’s right there at a very busy intersection and corner, so it will have high visibility. It will offer the citizens of North Brevard an upgraded ability to access first-class healthcare in a first-class structure.”

Construction of the new facility began in earnest in April and is expected to take 10 months to complete. It is being built in collaboration with the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. Al Forbes, Vice President, said the 60,000 square-foot, three-story building will be used primarily for physician’s offices. There will also be radiology and procedure rooms and while a final decision has not yet been made, there is some possibility patients will also be able to receive dialysis there.

Built to Attract

In addition to providing excellent care, the building will depart from the norm, partly because of its stunning architecture and what it will have on the third floor – a chance to watch rockets head into space. “It has an observation area as well,” Forbes said. “So if they want to go up to the third floor and watch one of the launches (they can).”

The eye-catching design will utilize large areas of glass on the exterior walls, which will provide staff and patients a good view of the surrounding mall development and the Indian River. One corner of the building features a full-height, rotunda-like area that includes a lobby on the ground floor, a waiting area on the second floor and a conference area on the third floor.

The rotunda, including its conical roof, will provide the building with an architectural feature that is quite distinctive. “It’s definitely not cookie-cutter architecture,” Chivers said. “This building would look phenomenal in any community. But the fact that it’s going to be here in Titusville is icing on the cake.”

Continuing to Garner Recognition

The Joint Commission’s Hospital Accreditation Program announced in January that Parrish Medical Center is the first hospital in the United States to be awarded Integrated Care Certification.

The certification recognizes hospitals and ambulatory care settings that excel at integrating information-sharing, transitions of care, hand-off communications and other key activities such as patient moves between the hospital and outpatient care settings.

Soon, Parrish will have another arrow in its healthcare quiver, so to speak, with more than 70 new offices at its disposal. “We are pleased to continue the expansion of our Parrish Healthcare Integrated Care Network with the planned Parrish Healthcare Center at Titus Landing,” Parrish Medical Center President/CEO George Mikitarian said in a statement. “Among the many benefits of our Mayo Clinic Care Network partnership is the sharing of best practices such as clinical care, care coordination, clinic design and operations.

“The Parrish Healthcare Center at Titus Landing is a representation of the benefits that the Mayo Clinic Care Network brings to our community. The center will look and operate very similar to a Mayo Clinic center and the physicians who will practice there are all required to complete training at (the) Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.”

The Titus Landing site will also benefit the environment. Part of the project involves improving the storm water runoff to the Indian River Lagoon. Right now, the storm water runoff does not get treated before it dumps into the river. This project will treat that water to improve the water’s quality.

Titusville’s Growth

Brevard County commissioner Robin Fisher, who has helped spearhead the changes being made in Titusville, is pleased to see everyone’s hard work coming to fruition. “The Titus Landing project has been a long time coming (and) would not have been possible without hard work and commitment from all of those involved,” Fisher said in a statement. “Having this first-class Parrish Medical Center medical office building, in partnership with the Mayo Clinic, as one of the cornerstone tenants of the project, will help ensure easy patient access in a central community gathering place.

“I’m proud to see local contractors, like RUSH Construction, Inc., hard at work on a project that is going to make such a positive impact in their backyard. Keep your eyes on Titus Landing and keep your eyes on North Brevard!”

This is not the first time RUSH Construction and Parrish Medical Center have teamed up to work on a project. In fact, they have a successful track record. RUSH has worked on a number of renovation and infrastructure projects with Parrish and is also a strong supporter of the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation.

“The bulk of our business is repeat customers,” Chivers said “Parrish has been a strong repeat customer. We’re working with them now on a Health Village East, Phase II (project) at the hospital property. We’re also currently designing and working with them in Port Canaveral on another collaboration for an occupational medicine facility. We’ve completed imaging projects (MRI and CT) for Parrish in the last couple of years, as well.”

In addition to its work with Parrish, RUSH Construction is also involved with a number of other big projects going on in Titusville, including the new Embraer Aero Seating Technologies facility and a development with the Playalinda Brewing Company’s Brix Project on a production brewery, distillery, tasting room, beer garden and on-site restaurant.

“It’s very exciting to see this level of economic activity. We’re pleased to be an integral part of some of the more significant pieces of it.”