In her senior year of high school, she was named Editor in Chief of the Growl, and launched a podcast called She Wrote That.

From the time she was a young girl, Charlotte Varnes said she knew she wanted to be a writer. Specifically, a journalist.

Her dad, Mitch Varnes, was a journalist for years (now he owns a sports promotions and events company). “I learned that style of writing from him and wanted to focus on that,” she said.

The Indialantic resident and Holy Trinity honors graduate set her path in motion early. She served on staff at the school newspaper for three years, anchored a few broadcasts for the schools tv news program, and served as junior editor for, the student’s news website.

In her senior year of high school, she was named editor-in-chief of the Growl, and launched a podcast called She Wrote That.

The platform features female writers, bloggers, authors, journalists, and storytellers.

“Each episode, I sit down with someone different and discuss their writing experience and being a female in the industry and what that means” she said.

Photography by Jason Hook

Four podcasts (at press time) have aired. The introductions are organized well and allow the listener to understand exactly what to expect from the cast. The podcasts are about 45 minutes each and available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Facebook and Twitter.

Charlotte’s guests have included fellow HT student and Space Coast Magazines junior editor Heather Motro; Florida Today freelance writer and Facebook page moderator Lyn Dowling; USA Today writer and DC Activist Savannah Behrmann; and children’s book author and LGBTQIA activist Mikayla Denault.

The approach to the on-air interviews is similar to regular interviewing, Charlotte said.

“I find something special about each guest and try to focus on that,” she said.

Charlotte is headed to the Medill College of Journalism at Northwestern University for her freshman year. Consistently recognized as one of the top three J Schools in the country, it’s also going to be a huge adjustment come winter, when daily highs hover in the low 40’s.

“It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time,” she said, noting that all the original planning was bombshelled by COVID-19 and new requirements for classroom attendance, social distancing, etc. Most classes will be hybrid, a mix of in-class learning with online learning.

“I’m glad I’ll at least have a roommate to spend time with, even if we have to social distance from everyone else.”

Charlotte plans to continue producing the She Wrote That podcasts as time allows. “The goal is to uplift and encourage female writers and create a platform that allows their voices to be heard outside of their writing.”

Yea, this kid’s alright.

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Shawna Lucas
Publisher at Space Coast Magazines |

Shawna Lucas (formerly Kelsch) has lived and worked in Brevard county for the past 20 years, serving in a variety of jobs and community service roles. She’s a former food and news reporter for Florida today, and was owner/operator of a marketing company that assisted clients and partners such as the Florida Healthcare Coalition, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Foundation for Florida, The Brevard Health Alliance, and Florida Tech to identify and solve pressing community health issues. She has she has dual bachelors degrees in Journalism and Sociology from the University of Miami, and was an inaugural fellow at the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.