Thomas P. Flavin is a certified public accountant, a member of the board of directors of Fidelity Bank of Florida, and the managing partner of Flavin Nooney & Person, CPAs and Advisors. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education in 1976 in Appleton, Wisconsin and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Miami in 1980, as well as completing The Certificate in Accountancy Program at the University of Miami in 1981.

After working at an international accounting firm in Miami, Flavin and his family moved to the Space Coast 31 years ago. He founded Flavin Nooney & Person, a full service financial advisory, wealth management and CPA firm in Melbourne, in 1990. As the managing partner at Flavin Nooney & Person, Flavin gravitates towards helping clients with planning and investing solutions and is currently spearheading the firm’s growing financial planning and wealth management practice. In 2017, Flavin was voted into the Fidelity Bank of Florida Board of Directors, a position which continually inspires him and motivates his work in financial planning.

“Whether with my firm or in my role on the Board of Directors for Fidelity Bank of Florida, I’m committed to helping people define and achieve their financial goals, identify concerns and help them take the right steps toward building their future,” Flavin said.

He counts his marriage to wife Joan as the best thing that has ever happened to him. “Everything else is a distant second,” he asserted. They have two grown children. ◆