An attorney for 20 years and a real estate broker for 35 years, Tom Waldron has diverse and extended experience. In addition to that, he has years of experience in banking prior to law school, service experience as a certified mortgage foreclosure mediator, and seven years as a college instructor teaching Real Estate Principals Practices and Law. There are few matters pertaining to real estate sales or foreclosure that he is not well versed in.

Now, as owner of Lawyers Real Estate, P.A. (a private law firm) and Lawyers Real Estate Brokerage, Inc., he has guided hundreds of families through the perils of foreclosure and short selling homes. “There are advantages to having a law firm that can deal with the courts, if necessary, and professionally market the home at the same time,” he said. “Several law firms in Brevard have started referring clients to us to handle real estate sales due to that. We hit a milestone in February with so many listings that we matched our 2013 sales, and it was only February. We are very pleased.”

Leaving law school, he had never dreamed that his career would be advising clients to stop making mortgage payments, and yet that counsel is common today. “Homes are often so upside down that a client may never see equity during their lifetime and they need to do a strategic default as to the mortgage. It allows them to mitigate the damages and start again, often without the crushing debt and sometimes prior to foreclosure,” he said. Lawyers Real Estate, P.A. handles more than just distress properties and he looks forward to short sales being a thing of the past.

His other law firm, Tom D Waldron, P.A., has supplied counsel in estate planning, probate, trust administration and guardianships since he moved to Brevard County 20 years ago.


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