Since its founding in 2012, Florida Custom Aquatic Services has continued to provide Brevard and Indian River Counties with unique landscape features that help accentuate the natural beauty of the area. FCAS offers a wide selection of specialty aquatic services, including the creation of pond ecosystems, water gardens, landscape fountains and aquatic vegetation controls that help enhance your home and business. A Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC), FCAS has grown its network of contractors, allowing the company to stay current on techniques and equipment, improving all aspects of its service.

According to founder Brad Fontaine, an FCAS operation begins with you and the natural environment in mind.

“Design consultations allow you to voice your priorities and desires for the outcome of the landscape piece,” says Fontaine. The design expertise and ideas found at FCAS help enhance each customer’s ultimate goals. The overall goal is to reflect what the customer wants for his or her home and lifestyle, along with opportunities for the environment to flourish. Fontaine and his staff provide extensive knowledge and experience in fisheries biology, aquaculture, design, and creativity to influence the operation.

“Our passion is creating beautiful scenery, accompanied by the peace and tranquility that comes from the sound of
running water.” From website.

With installations across the state, FCAS has proven its commitment to customers by providing low maintenance water garden lifestyles the way Mother Nature intended. Pond and garden installations help create some of the most important ecosystems on the planet. With the proper balance of fish, plants and healthy bacteria present, not only is maintenance reduced, but water quality is enhanced. In the end, a water feature has been created that not only looks better, it is better, both for the natural habitat of fish and birds and other creatures that are drawn to water in nature. FCAS is helping preserve and enhance the natural environment through their designs. The way the designers at FCAS see it, they are working with Mother Nature to create and restore habitats and ecosystems in the area as commercial development and other factors deplete existing ones. The implementation of a backyard pond helps restore part of the natural ecosystem, filling in a piece of the natural environment.

If the responsibility of fostering a full-fledged pond ecosystem seems daunting, an Aquascape Pondless® waterfall may be the answer. The installation is just as it seems: a waterfall and stream without the maintenance of the pond. This feature is perfect for those concerned about the safety and liabilities of having and maintaining a pond. The costs (to construct and/or maintain) are significantly lower than a pond in most cases, yet the natural ambiance of a luscious, elegant waterscape is established. Adding a water feature creates an entirely new sensory experience. Garden fountains can transform a backyard or office space into a relaxing outdoor retreat and can be enjoyed almost anywhere due to a smaller-scale size. Fountainscape water features provide a creative way to bring an outdoor space to life.

Creating self-sustaining ecosystems introduces habitats for fish and wildlife, while reducing the need for harmful artificial chemicals.

The habitats that Fontaine and his team create help enhance the natural life of surrounding ecosystems, while reducing the need for harmful chemicals and fertilizers. This reduction eliminates damaging runoff that would enter the lagoon and surrounding rivers. Fertilizers and chemicals typically associated with turf maintenance are some of the largest contributors to the issues of water quality in the region. Fontaine and FCAS are continually working on new projects to aid in their environmentally-conscious actions.

“Rainwater harvesting systems are set to become one of our next big projects,” Fontaine said. “These harvesting systems will work to circulate rainwater for irrigation usage, recycling this natural resource.”

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