Ultimate Wellness Association Breast Cancer Foundation will be hosting its Annual Pink Check Award to be held on the 26th of October 2019, at Ultimate Wellness Association, located at 4970 Stack Blvd Unit B5 Melbourne Fl 32901 staring at 6pm, ending at 8 pm. This year it will be done under our new name Brevard Breast Help. The Pink Check Award will be centered around a $1000 check presentation to a Breast Cancer Fighter in need.


The entire season prior to Oct 23, was open opportunity for Breast Cancer Fighters/ Survivors in the Melbourne and Palm Bay area to enter for a chance to be the 2019 Pink Check Recipient. They were able to do so applying on our website www.ultimatewellnessassociation.com

Ultimate Wellness Association – Brevard Breast Help came to be after our own mother, Dr. Bithiah ”Fadheela” Gedaliah was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2013, she underwent double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and is presently on oral hormone therapy. She endured these painful procedures along with their side effects, but that has not wavered her resolve, making her an inspiration to many. She is now a 6 year survivor and uses every opportunity possible to encourage others going through the disease as well as encouraging preventive screenings. One of her quotes that she lives by is ” Diagnosis is not a Death Sentence” which helps her focus on living life to the fullest.

As a family, we have seen and we know the super human strength required to fight. The obstacles that Breast Cancer patients face, are not only those caused by the disease. Additionally, they face everyday responsibilities, situations, and difficulties that are much harder to deal with because of their emotional strains and physical limitations caused by the illness.  Cancer is real not just a party where people have fun wearing the pink, it is not just a Walk or Run, but a life changing illness affecting many families on a deep level. Families are broken, women are losing their husbands, family, jobs, home, insurance, health and their lives. So, we seek to help other families where and when we can. The Award of a $1000 is a gift that we will present to Cheryl Lavalle a nurse diagnoses with Metastatic Breast Cancer who lost her job and wants to renew her vows with her husband and have a honeymoon in hopes of create good memories for her husband.

This has given us the opportunity to honor another fighter, to let her feel special, and to let them know she are not alone.

We are looking forward to a positive turn out, join us as we seek to widen our reach in order to be more helpful in our community.

For more information email www.ultimatewellnessassociation@gmail.com or call 321-220- 3291