Victoria Brannon’s most impactful mentor during her career and journey is her mom. She thanks her mother for advising her, encouraging her and pushing her to strive and to never give up. Victoria’s mother taught her that there is nothing wrong with a strategic “no,” to take time out for yourself and that continuing to do something day to day, even if it’s small, means progress. Victoria feels that mistakes are opportunities to learn; they are experiences that mold us. Many mistakes have been made along her journey, which have equipped her for future challenges. She expresses the importance of growing from your failures because they don’t define you. Developing a strong understanding of the process from a very young age, she confidently leads her events business with passion and a strong constitution. Her focus is to provide a stress-free experience for her clients and their guests. No matter the size of the event, her standard of quality remains the same. Disasters might happen, she says, but it is her priority to handle them professionally, truly allowing her client to be a guest at their own event.