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Employers everywhere are striving to be on the cutting edge of employee benefits and understand that financial wellness and education programs are a valuable benefit to their employees. The HomeBenefit IQ Program provides access to a customized website for real estate and home-related transactions and provides educational materials, innovative tools, up-to-date market information, as well as special offers and discounts for HomeBenefit IQ members. This program minimizes the amount of time that your employees spend on these important issues on your time.

The mission and philosophy of the HomeBenefit IQ Program is to assist, educate, and provide expert solutions and facts in one easily-accessible place. The local team consists of more than 20 professional partners to call upon. Any company can choose additional Partners to add to their website as well. “As the plan director of the HomeBenefit IQ (HBIQ) Program, I believe that this program will be a huge benefit to you in all of your real estate and home-related transactions,” said Wendy Handy Real Estate Agent at Dale Sorensen Real Estate.

“I am extremely dedicated to helping my clients find their dream home or sell their property. To that end, I remain current in the industry, and I have a team of people to support you,” she commented. “As a dedicated and successful real estate professional, I know that your home and its upkeep is of the utmost importance. We all have worries that keep us up at night or wake us up too early in the morning. So, what is it for you? Is it finances, the decision to sell your home, finding the right local providers for your home-related transactions? Look no further.”

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