A Success Story

The goal of weVENTURE at the Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech is to provide small business owners or potential small business owners the tools needed to assist in achieving the American dream of owning a business.

Through a wide range of programs and services, weVENTURE offers a customized business mentoring program called IGNITE 360, with business coaching and one-on-one counseling sessions, business education workshops, technical assistance, and networking opportunities. SpaceCoast Business has featured the program, Executive Director Erica Lemp, and Program Coordinator Kathy Register, but this month Lemp is featuring a weVENTURE success story: Bonny Durkin and her company, MYDOGSWAG.

Durkin connected with weVENTURE and enrolled in the IGNITE 360 program to address three key areas for her company. The first was to increase marketing reach to maximize the number of prospective clients for her products. Secondly, to develop a plan to maximize the efficient use of her time. And lastly, to evaluate the brand awareness for MYDOGSWAG, Inc.


Durkin has a beautiful dog that was diagnosed with a hygroma, a soft swelling under the skin, filled with fluid over a pressure point or bony prominence. Hygromas are caused by repetitive trauma of lying on hard surfaces as most dogs do. One way to treat this condition is with padding over the pressure points to prevent more trauma. This discovery prompted Durkin to start her own business. In March 2015, MYDOGSWAG, Inc. was launched with the design of the “K-9 Callus Cuff,” a specialty product that cushions these affected areas. It is a swank, vibrantly colored solution for canine elbow protection.

To strategize and implement plans to meet the needs of the company, Durkin met regularly with two mentors over the course of three months. She was able to focus on her business at a higher level than she had done in the past. The weVENTURE team of business coaches and volunteers educated her on time management and how to utilize her time to the fullest to support the vision of MYDOGSWAG, Inc. The IGNITE 360 program also helped Durkin develop standard operating procedures.

As she continues to diversify her revenue streams and expand new target markets, Durkin continues to explore different product offerings for MYDOGSWAG, Inc. Lemp adds, “weVENTURE is elated to have partnered with this entrepreneur to find success in her company and support her future endeavors.”

The weVENTURE advantage

“We invite all women entrepreneurs, and those just thinking about becoming entrepreneurs, to come explore the benefits of weVENTURE,” Lemp says. “We also encourage everyone in the community to support weVENTURE by donating to our fundraising efforts, as well as volunteering their time and expertise.” ◆