Wendy Romeu, Founder/President, Alluvionic

Wendy Romeu, Founder/President, AlluvionicWendy Romeu, founder and CEO of Alluvionic, did not follow an easy path to success. Born into a family where challenges, not support, reigned, she learned from an early age not only to be a survivor, but also a champion of order. With two younger brothers to care for, she developed the mindset of “nothing bad is going to happen on my watch,” and it has served her well both personally and professionally.

“There were lot of obstacles along the way, and going through that at a young age shaped me into the person I am today,” asserted Romeu. “I’ve always surrounded myself with supportive people.”

Romeu, who got married right out of high school, took a less-direct path to complete her education. While working full time and raising young children, she took night and online classes at several colleges to eventually obtain her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Masters in MIS from Florida State University, sharpening her skills in implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

“I loved that project management process of ‘here’s the problem, do the research and come up with a solution,’” she admitted. “I also knew I eventually wanted to start my own business.”

In 2013, Romeu founded Alluvionic, a company that specializes in right-sizing project management, process improvement and engineering solutions. When a company has a troubled project, whether it is over budget or not on schedule, Romeu and her staff fix it.

“First, we need to understand the client’s desired end state,” she explained. “Then we put a plan in place that includes requirements, estimated costs and schedule. We basically set expectations and set up the processes that are going to make the project successful.”

Romeu admits she has had a transitional year. With the help of regional entities such as weVENTURE and CEO Nexus, she learned how to transition from working in her business to working on her business. Today, she spends approximately 30 percent of her time with clients and 70 percent out and about, meeting people, educating them and growing the business.

“These support organizations taught me how to properly convey my vision,” she added. “They also made me realize I needed to take more risk as an entrepreneur. I’m pretty risk-averse, but I’m in the world of risk-taking, so I needed to strike a balance – lean in but not so far I get my head chopped off.”

Most of all, Romeu loves the process of creating solutions. “We’ve come into companies that were chaotic and created better processes that have eliminated the dysfunction,” she affirmed. “We take them on this journey, and in the end they’re incredibly grateful for the gift we’ve given them.”

Romeu’s vision for her company is to create a nurturing, positive work environment and family-first atmosphere. She also has a 10-year strategic plan in place. Alluvionic recently received an 8(a) business designation from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), which puts them in position to secure prime government contract work. Romeu wants to continue to grow the commercial side of the business and become a $5 million company by 2020.

One thing is certain: a childhood filled with uncertainty and disorder has shaped an entrepreneur who truly embraces protecting the people she cares about and helping companies turn inefficient, untimely and chaotic ways into streamlined, successful processes.

“I genuinely care about my family, employees and clients,” she said. “I’m always looking to do the right thing for the right reasons. I want people to walk away from knowing or working with me better off for it.”