Answer: Active Communication

by Lisa Rice

About a year ago, Brevard Workforce started plans to overhaul its website, For those who don’t know, Brevard Workforce serves the needs of employers and job seekers throughout the Space Coast. After months of careful planning, we launched the revised website and instantly saw our online presence grow. During the planning and launch of the new website, the team learned a lot about the importance of maintaining a strong web presence. But what it really boiled down to was simple – active communication.

Rethink, Retool

Revamping your website is a great opportunity to rethink your communication strategies. What do you want your website to convey? What information is most important to your customers? What do they usually want to know first? If you’re unsure about this, think about what they typically ask for when they call or walk in. Start keeping a tally. Perhaps it’s your hours of operation, or maybe it is pricing information, or details about the goods or services your company sells or provides (these are simple examples but may be a good place to start).

Whatever the answers, make sure that information is prominent on your website and easy to locate. These simple steps will result in happier customers who will look forward to returning and working with you. It may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised to learn how many websites fail at this. If your website is able to provide valuable information in a quick, user-friendly, and accessible manner, your company will stand out.

For Brevard Workforce, the focus was on streamlining the site to help users reach key information faster, in multiple ways, and rethinking navigation to be more intuitive, and provide alternative pathways all while meeting a wide variety of online users’ behaviors and learning styles.

Serving the Primary Customer

Brevard Workforce’s website needed to reflect the changes of the organization – to focus on meeting the needs of businesses, which leads to more jobs. Now the Business Services section features more of the available options to businesses, including incentives for workforce retention, advance-workforce planning, and other specialized support to businesses large and small. Clear and consistent messaging demonstrates what Brevard Workforce has to offer businesses and gives them Quick Inquiry features for any of their questions.

We also created the helpful Easy Connect forms – simple shortcuts that allow Brevard Workforce to quickly receive and respond to information. These quick-to-use options are simple to find through the “Take Action” tab in the main menu. In just two months, Brevard Workforce has received more than 500 inquiries from job seekers and employers through these options, which is far surpassing expectations.

It’s Alive! Or Should Be

For any website to stay consistent with how it communicates with visitors, it must have the ability to constantly change and evolve. A website should be a living thing. It’s not a billboard. These days, all websites should be up to date, all the time, which requires easy access to content updates and is perhaps the most important lesson our team learned.

For example, one very dynamic section of the Brevard Workforce website is the much-improved “Resources” section. It is filled with hundreds of local, state and federal resources for both businesses and job seekers. It is able to be enhanced by relevant Brevard Workforce experts and is becoming the quintessential place for visitors to find help, no matter who they are or what they’re looking for. Just as important, Brevard Workforce made welcome, user-friendly improvements to the updated calendar and online workshop registration system.

A focus on a user-friendly back-end system that could easily be controlled by staff, rather than a webmaster, for instance, was extremely important. By focusing on this, Brevard Workforce not only saved 72 work hours per month (approximately $13,000 annually) by decreasing duplicate action by staff, but now information and announcements are published with very little delay. This creates a website that is alive for the entire community with updates, news and announcements. It has
a pulse.

Feel free to see it for yourself at

Lisa Rice is president, Brevard Workforce; she can be contacted at