After over 60 years of service, Sorensen Moving & Storage has helped countless Floridians relocate for just as many reasons. At most recent count, most individuals are choosing to move because of housing, accounting for 42.2% of movers. This may mean making a change to be in a safer neighborhood, or a larger or newer house, among other reasons. 27.4% of movers are making the move for their family, which may again mean a safer neighborhood or better school district. Finally, 20.2% of movers relocate for work, and 10.2% for other reasons.

The reasons for a move might also depend, of course, on age. Most millennials gravitate toward urban destinations, like San Francisco or Seattle. These cities are often part of what many call a “vacation move”, in which younger people move there without intending to settle down permanently. Fueled by a need for adventure and excitement, over half of millennials say they are planning to make a temporary move in the next five years. It isn’t until the ages of 30-35 that the trend veers towards settling down, typically evidenced through more permanent gestures like buying a home.

The numbers and incentives have most likely changed since 1956, when Sorensen Moving & Storage got their start, but the service that Sorensen is able to provide has not. Regardless of age or motivation, every mover wants the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their possessions will be handled with respect and care, and Sorensen understands how vital a role your moving company plays in shaping such important days in their customers lives.

About Sorensen Moving & Storage

Since 1956, Sorensen Moving & Storage has been working to set the bar for moving excellence and customer satisfaction. With services encompassing residential moving, corporate relocations, commercial services, storage, and logistics, Sorensen has become a go-to resource for both individuals and companies. Over the years, their dedication to comprehensive, reliable service has led to expansion, with their second location in Orlando opening in 2013.