R. Lisa Smoak spent much of her childhood overseas, thanks to her father’s career in the Air Force. She credits that upbringing with instilling self-discipline and personal responsibility, virtues that she has carried long beyond her childhood.

Following graduation from high school in Miami, Lisa began a career in law enforcement as a reserve officer with the Rockledge Police Department in June of 1999. She continued on, serving until her retirement in 2014.

Combining real-world experience with undergraduate and graduate degrees from Barry University, and HIPAA training from UCF, Lisa launched Surveillance Biometric Tracking Device (SBTD), Inc. in Melbourne in 2013.

An exciting startup in the emerging field of tracking devices, SBTD’s mission is to become the leading manufacturer of Family Locator Devices and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) products. SBTD’s origins date back to a horrifying incident in Lisa’s childhood, when her two-year-old brother was kidnapped. She explains, “For many hours I thought my brother was dead and I still remember the anxiety and fear I felt inside.”

Although he was recovered alive and unharmed, the ordeal became a defining moment in Lisa’s life, inspiring her career in law enforcement and her decision to create SBTD. With its sophisticated devices, databases, and software, STDB assists in the recovery and apprehension of lost or missing persons.

Thanks to a combination of evolving miniaturized technologies, SBTD provides affordable, easy-to-use solutions. The core engineering is based on patented software that enables tracking, monitoring and locating. The next evolution of SBTD technology will embrace a visual scheme to further enhance situational awareness, particularly useful for healthcare providers and caretakers of the elderly and disabled.

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