Age: 34

Company: MIMA (Melbourne Internal Medicine Associates)

Title: Physician (dermatologist)

Status: Married

Affiliations: YPB, Emerging Leaders, Chamber 2040, American Academy of Dermatology

Years in Brevard: 9

What are the best things about living and working in Brevard?

The best things about living and working in Brevard for me are those that drew me here in the first place – a fulfilling job, warm weather, water and beaches nearby, a small- to medium-sized city with proximity to a metropolitan area (Orlando), an Indian community, and a strong public school system.  In addition, I appreciate my short commute, proximity to the gym (YMCA and Pro-Health Viera), and my dear friends I’ve met here. Brevard has been a pleasant place to raise young children.

What must companies and communities do to attract and retain young professionals?

I think companies can attract and retain young professionals by providing them with meaningful positions where eventually there is some autonomy, some growth, and some fun.   Communities with some diversity and tolerance in art & culture, with accessible opportunities for education, exercise, and eating well, and that are clean and safe will do well with young professionals.  Of course, young professionals like to meet and network with other young professionals so if companies and communities can facilitate this, it helps as well.  Lastly, I think young professionals really appreciate working for environmentally-friendly companies and living in “green” communities.

What are the things you would most like to see changed in the community?

I would like for there to be more business development and job growth in Brevard.  I hope more successful companies are started in Brevard or come in to Brevard so there are more career opportunities for those that live here.

What is the hardest thing for “older” people to understand about your generation?

“Older” people should understand that when we question them or their way of doing things, it isn’t meant to be disrespectful or bigheaded.  Often, we are just being inquisitive and interested. Sometimes, we all just need to put our egos aside.