Age: 27

Company: Symetrics Industries

Title: Manager of Contracts and Compliance

Status: Married

Affiliations: YPB, Emerging Leaders, Chamber 2040, Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida’s Academy Advisory Board Member; Guest Speaker and Mentor at Brevard County Public Schools; Guest Speaker for National Management Association’s Annual High School Leadership Conference; Past Chair and Co-Founder (current Steering Committee member) of the Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida’s Women’s Business Council’s “Women of Excellence Group”; and Creator and Presenter of GIRL POWER, a Confidence-Building and Goal-Setting workshop for Girls and Boys ages 9-14

Years in Brevard: 27

Current hometown: West Melbourne

What made you decide to live/work in Brevard County?

The decision to live and work in Brevard County was an easy one for me.  My life centers on my faith, my family and my work.  Having grown up in Melbourne and the fact that the majority of my family still reside here was a huge draw for my husband and me when deciding where to start our own family.  Easy access to work, play and family has made Brevard County our home.

What must companies and communities do to attract and retain young professionals?

To attract and retain young professionals, companies and communities must provide flexibility of work environments and schedules and ample opportunities for community involvement.  It is imperative that employees are provided the flexibility to do their jobs while caring for their families.  Maintaining a positive work/life balance is a huge deal for young professionals.

What are the things you would most like to see changed in the community?

The changes that I would like to see for our community would be a greater involvement of the business community in our area schools.  When local business is engaged in local education a synergy is created that both benefit greatly from.  Students benefit from the mentoring of local business partners, and the business partners in turn benefit from a future and current workforce that can meet their needs and demands in our ever-changing technical world and in challenging economic times.

What is the hardest thing for “older” people to understand about your generation?

The hardest thing for older people to understand about our generation is that despite our youth, we have profound ideas for societal change. Young Professionals have a tremendous amount of energy and passion to offer our communities and the business world for positive change and advanced ideas.