Age: 34

Company: Harris Corporation

Title: Manager, Corporate Relations

Status: Married

Affiliations:  YPB, Emerging Leaders,  Chamber 2040, Junior League of South Brevard

Years in Brevard: 15

What made you decide to live/work in Brevard County?

I grew up in Brevard County and the majority of my family is still in the area, so it was an easy sell to move back here from Orlando in 2004.  When I’d come home to visit, I always looked forward to the smell of the ocean in the air and the laid back, more peaceful feeling you get from a coastal community.

What are the best things about living and working in Brevard?

The Space Coast is unique – we have the beach and other natural habitats to enjoy, and a more laid back atmosphere than a larger city, while also having an amazing pool of high tech and start-up companies and a highly skilled workforce. You get the both of best worlds.

What are the most important factors contributing to your current success?

I am a great listener, who has been able to learn from those around me and to be flexible to new opportunities even if they are outside of my comfort zone.

What must companies and communities do to attract and retain young professionals?

Companies and communities need to be flexible and be able to change more rapidly as new generations move into the workplace and area.  What works for one generation will not always work for the next, so we need to be able to accommodate the needs/wants of all generations in the manner that works for them.

What are the things you would most like to see changed in the community?

From 1983 when I first moved to Brevard until today, this is a whole new community, mainly for the positive.  I think we need to do a better job of balancing smart growth with preserving our unique environment and ecosystem.