Age: 32

Company: Health First

Title: Director of Marketing and Retail

Status:  Married

Affiliations: YPB, Emerging Leaders, Chamber 2040, Leadership Brevard, Class of 2010

Years in Brevard: 3 years

What made you decide to live/work in Brevard County?

I came to Brevard to work for Health First.  Since then I have found Health First to be the best place to work because of the people who work here.  They are all dedicated to the mission of Health First and improving lives of Brevard County residents every day.

What are the best things about living and working in Brevard?

For me, I enjoy the fact that it is easy to find and connect with other leaders in Brevard.  So if you first find the right person they can put you in touch with someone else to help you along. I’ve found this different than working in Orlando because of the friendly nature of the business people here and how everyone is willing to help you out.

What are the things you would most like to see changed in the community?

There are not many things that I would like to change within the community.  However, it would be great if we were not a “Tier 2 Market.”  Therefore, we should initiate ways to help Brevard make a stronger impact on Central Florida to help elevate its position in the broader market.

What is the hardest thing for “older” people to understand about your generation?

It is my opinion that often Gen X is looked at as not being committed to their company.  We are hard workers and will give our best to our company, but we value our personal lives.  Our families, friends, hobbies all have a major influence in our lives and when the balance is struck between all of those things, we achieve our greatest potential.