Jim Ridenour

Jim Ridenour is passionate about the wellbeing of our community and has focused his talents on strengthening education, business, tourism, healthcare and the arts. He uses his relationships to collaborate with other community leaders to develop smart solutions.

It was during one of his many community volunteer endeavors that Ridenour learned about the epidemic of human trafficking. He became knowledgeable on the subject and helped educate the community and elected officials. Ridenour donated hotel room nights and meeting rooms to host seminars on the subject. He believes it is everyone’s responsibility to help stop these horrific acts from happening in our backyard. 

Ridenour’s commitment to elevating women speaks to his character. He is a committed leader with a vision and mission he believes in, and he dedicates his time and talent to ensure success.

“I am humbled, I am grateful and I am pleased to be honored for my community service and in particular for our work around and with ‘Fighting Human Trafficking’.” 

Habitat for Humanity of Brevard’s Women’s Build Team Leaders

Four women — Lisa Shoemaker, Theresa Klein, Pat Leslie and Dolly Skully — have been mentoring women for more than 10 years. They embody Habitat’s Women Build mission to nurture and train women to build simple, decent and affordable houses; empower women from all walks of life to address the local affordable housing need; and help eliminate substandard and inadequate housing in Brevard County. Women Build attracts women from all walks of life who want to make a profound difference for families and the community. Since 1993, thousands of women have volunteered and have had the honor of learning and working alongside these four team leaders.

“We greatly appreciate the opportunity to bring awareness to the program and help women from all walks of life develop skills, confidence and new friendships while also addressing the need for safe and affordable housing.”